Friday, March 28, 2014


Today is the beginning.  When something ends.  Something new begins.  Always.

Today, we are headed East.  We leave for Europe.  This crew has never been.  Well, mom has been, but not the DNL crew.  We first land in London.  We all then take a train to Paris.

But wait, why aren't we going directly to Paris? We have to stop in London on the plane.  Shouldn't we just stay couple of nights?

Yes, we shall.

We shall meet some old friends - friends whom I worked with in Denver.  He's now in London.  A pint to say hello.  Because that is what friends do - hey, I'm in town town, want to say hi?  I told him where we are staying.  He and his wife will meet us there.

We shall meet up with some other family friends to remember old times and yet start new memories.  To also show my kids a part of their granddad's old work life.  Their "uncle's" past life too.

Then meet up with a person whom became part of the DNL ADVENTURES even before we knew it was true.

We then take a train. The high speed direct train to Paris.  Under the ocean.  Starting as caterpillars, emerging on the other side.....

Friday, March 21, 2014

Here We Go

Four summers ago I started a blog.  I had started a new adventure - something different in my life.

A week from today, we all start something new.  We are transitioning to the next stage.  The next stage of life.

This is uncomfortable, it's awkward.  I'm not sure how to start again.

This next phase includes my kids, but it also is part of me and the next transition in life.  The letting them go, yet hanging on all at the same time.

It's me starting this next trip with them, yet sending them home on their own.  Last time, when I started, I started by myself, then they joined me.  This time it's me, at the end letting them go on their own.

Transitions.  Part of life.

Here we go.....

(And if you missed the other chapter, catch up here..._