Wednesday, November 25, 2015

What do you think?

I get annoyed with people who can't commit.

Can't commit to one thing or the other.

Where do you want to go to dinner? I don't know? Where do you want to go.

I want to go to the Sushi Den.

That's not where I want to go.


Life is short. Life is simple. Life can be complicated. BUT, if you are going to ask me, "WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR DINNER?"

Then, I tell you what I want for dinner.

PLEASE, do not ask me any more questions. Someone else, PLEASE, make a decision.

I will be happy with HOWEVER you make dinner. The other alternative is, well, I'll make dinner myself.

Tonight, I get a text:

"What do you think?"

My first thought? What do I think of WHAT?"

But to respond to Peter Pan with that answer would give him hope. Would give me hope. Would give us all hope.

I should just respond: Of what?


Wait on that answer.

"What do I think?"

I finally respond:  "We should bomb the shit out of Syria. What do you think?"


Then there is nothing but silence.

We bombed the answer to this question years ago.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


I guess it is in my blood.

I recruit.

No matter what I'm doing to make money, I recruit people.

I recruit people to:

  • run marathons
  • turn their lives inside out 
  • take chances
  • try
  • travel
  • try something new.
There are other people like me in this world too. We are the "pied pipers". Come. Follow us. It will be fun.

The woman whom got me involved with CCI (the puppy organization) was a recruiter in a different lifetime too. She recruited nurses and doctors. (I also found out recently she had been a camp counselor in a previous life - I knew we were really living our lives in parallel universes).

She "recruited" me into this organization. We know each other from working out at the same club.

Brodie has been with us a month today.

Another lady from the club (whom I actually also know from Hawaii) texted me today. She and her husband signed up for a puppy today.

My neighbors down the street just called the organization about doing this to have their son make this decision for his senior project next year.

Two other families on the hockey team are seriously considering signing up. 

Hope CCI knew what they were doing when they signed us up.

Recruiting for good causes every day......