Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Towing the line

It sure sucks being a grown-up.

My oldest son is not eligible to play in the play-offs for the high school team.

He missed 5 games for the team. He missed them for club games. (His other team).  He some how thought, it would all work out in the end. First of all, he is my child - of course, it's going to work out for him in the end.  Second of all, he was marked "there" for one of the games. That is, until he told the athletic director, that was mis-marked.

He was honest.

My first thought was: he was punished for telling the truth.

It would have been found out though. Then the whole team would have been disqualified. Yes, it sucks.

However - here is me. Complaining about the lack of ethics in our kids sports today. Here we have an athletic director willing to stand up and say no.

I mentioned to the athletic director that "the rumor is" so and so on the basketball team ended up getting to play. She told me, tell me whom it is, I will not participate in gossip, but I will not also stand for someone whom is lying.

The athletic director called me today and asked me if I had any questions - actually, I didn't. In fact, I told her, I was super proud to be a part of an organization that held true to the rules. I did tell her, however, if I found out, there were exceptions made for other teams or other players on other teams - I would be the first one in her office and there would be hell to pay.

Then I learned the someone had called the athletic director (still not sure, as once again she was professional), only she said "she" three times, and did say maybe it was my sister?cousin? - I digress - and said they could provide a doctors note for a missed game.

Nice. So, we are teaching our child "there are rules, but if they don't fit you, let's see what we can do".

Not my thing. There are exceptions to rules - yes. Always, but rules are rules and I have to admire those whom stay there.

It sucks to be my son right now. Although, he made these choices. He understood the risk.

He was rewarded from being honest, with a punishment. We all know it would have come out in the end.

I'm proud that he think this sucks. I'm proud he's taking it. The athletic director is standing up for the rules.

The problem is, good behavior for being honest is not rewarded.

However, he knew the rules going in.

Thursday, February 19, 2015


Talk about getting old...... As of Sunday, I became a Gramma. Sorta.

Not a Grandmother.

Not a Granny - although, I'm reserving that name for one day if I have Grand kids, that's what I want to be called. Granny.That will be my name.

I became a Tutu.

Someone I never thought I would be. Someone better than the insecure girl I thought I was.

Although, I think I knew "Tutu" was going to arrive this year. I'm 45. I always knew there was going to be one to arrive this year. I would have just never believed this would have been the way it would have worked out.

Of course.

Do any of us?

Remember a few years ago, when you I left you in the middle of the ocean? In the middle of my life?

Back to a sweet boy. I was at the hospital when he was born. I was 19. It was 1988.

Do the math.  He's 26

Charlotte Grace was born on 2/15/15 at 5:15.

I think her lucky number is 5.

Everyone was told to wait.

"Why aren't you here Aunt Leasa?"

Yes, Auntie's have privileges mom's don't. Moms can't  be there for a month. But, "Aunt Leasa - I wish you were here"

That's the thing.

The thing about aunties. Cousins. Other special family members. We have special spots.

I wish I could explain it better. I wish I could tell you how someone whom doesn't have their blood running through their veins. I wish I could say so much more.

What I can really say?

I'm to young to be called Grandma.

In Hawaiian, Grand Mother is called Tutu.

When I met you Todd, I wasn't ready to be called Mom.

I'm ready to be called Tutu.......

Thursday, February 5, 2015


In my my life, I believe in manifesting things.

By this, me personally mean, "If I truly believe something will happen. It will. It may not happen the way I thought it would, but it happens. Of course it does. It just doesn't happen when/where we thought it would happen.

One of my favorite moments over the holidays was me standing face to face with a guy I wanted to love forever.

That's the only way I can describe our friendship.

The truth is, at the time we met each other, if we had told each other this was the "ending" to the story. Well, we wouldn't have believed it.

I love him more than I love Peter Pan.

How many people can say that out loud?

He says to me, "You know, I love you." "Yes, I know this. This is how we were supposed to do things together.". I know we did the Disney family adventure with each other. I know we did all this craziness together.

This is just how we were supposed to do this together.

Then tonight, I run into "my coach". You know, the one. The coach. The one where we are supposed to have a crush, but keep going.

Two hours later.

He's ordering more wine. Once again,  He's ordering more wine. I'm sitting at his table. Talking to him. Talking to his 'coach'. Talking to the team whom thinks they are going to win tomorrow night

Talking to the other team coach.  (red wings)

Knowing this was all how this was going to be.

I left.

He was flirting with the girl next to me. Good for her.

In my mind, he's still wondering what I'm doing.

I did the "Good Thing, Bad Thing, Funny Thing" at the table tonight

Yes, me, with him. With you.

The woman next to me think it's God.

It think it's a bit of both. A little of nothing.  A lot of everything.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Manic Monday

Somehow, I've been recruiting people for companies off and on for over 20 years. I'm not quite sure how this happened.

No one ever says when they are 10: "When I grow up, I want to be a recruiter".  In fact, most people don't even know what recruiting is.

People think "recruiters" help people get jobs. Yes. We do that. But really, it's the opposite - we help companies find the right people for their organization.

The difference?

Our paycheck.

Companies are the ones who pay the recruiters. Not the individuals whom are looking for a new position. In a way, we are like real estate agents. But in recruiting, there is no "buyers agent" - only a company agent".

Things I've heard before from candidates:

  • I need you to find me a job
  • I know someone whom needs a job
  • I'm in your database, why haven't you found me something?
  • No thanks, I'm not interested in that position. Why didn't they hire me for the other position.
  • Oh sorry (that is if they even call), I didn't go to that interview because I decided that job/company/title wasn't for me. (Yes, even after I told you I was interested)
It's a dance. 

Of course, I've had companies do the following:

  • Stop calling back after 3 rounds of interviews with great candidates.
  • Wait the six months AFTER our contract ends, and hire a candidate. Result being I don't get paid.
  • Start out with one job description, but really want something completely different.
This is a MANIC business.

About once or twice a month, I think "I'm done.". Then the next day, I'm out there on a scavenger hunting trying to find a perfect candidate for my client. 

Sometimes I find them. Sometimes I don't. Then I do find a great candidate and I call a couple of my clients to see if they have any open positions. 

Some days it works.