Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dear Timothy

Dear Timothy,

By the time you are old enough to read this letter, you will already know this story by heart. (Your family is really good at telling stories).

I should start with the back story (which no doubt you already know too).

Once upon a time, I was in college. Your Papa, your Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Travis and I all lived in this same college town.

Your Papa needed some help. I answered an ad in the newspaper (ask one of us old people what a newspaper was) for a part-time baby-sitter. 5 days a week Monday - Friday. 3:30 - 6:30.  Your dad wasn't even a glimmer in the eye yet.

Long story short - I got the job. Your Granny moved to town. Your dad was born the next year. I was at the hospital the morning your dad was born.

Fast forward: 28 years later. Yes, TWENTY EIGHT years later. I was no longer "the girl who answered the ad, we were all family" Most people know me as your Papa's little sister.

It's 1:30am on February 23 and I'm with you parents and sister in Fort Hood, Texas.

I had been there for a week. We had done EVERYTHING we could to get you to come out of the belly. You weren't having any of it. I was all set to leave on the afternoon of the 22nd, but changed my plane to stay one more day. Your Grammi and Pappi were due to arrive on the 23rd at noon. I wasn't about to leave your parents and your sister without any extra help.

At 1:30am your daddy is banging on my door. Telling me your mom's water had broke. Your dad informs me, I'm going to the hospital as last time - even though her water had broke with your sister, it was still hours and hours.

I yelled at your dad to get out of my room because I was naked and need to finish putting on my clothes. He didn't want to see me naked so he got out of the room.

We all somehow managed to put clothes on. I even brushed my teeth.

He got your mom in the car. I got in the drivers seat. I told your parents "you two get in the backseat". You dad looks at me and he said, "No, you two are going. I'm staying with the baby. I'll take "second shift".

Truly, in my gut of gut, I knew at that moment, it was your mom and I bringing you into the world.

It was pitch black. POURING down rain. Thunder. Lightning. I don't see well at night - at least I remembered to grab my glasses.

We run 4 red lights. 3 stops signs. Couldn't find the hazard lights to save our life.

We get to the hospital and can't find the emergency entrance. I'm on the phone with 911 trying to get directions. We finally see it, but there is no way to pull the car to the entrance.

I park close. Get out of car and RUN to the ambulance entrance. In the meantime, I was in flip flops - I left them (of course I did) to run to the door.

I'm BANGING on the ambulance entrance and ringing the bell. In what seemed like an eternity, someone saw me.

"My niece is in labor. Her water broke. Her contractions are two minutes apart."

4 people, one person with a wheelchair RAN to the car with me. They literally examined your mom in the front seat of the car - just to make sure we weren't delivering this baby already.

Nurse/midwife says "Your at 10 cm" - which means it was time for YOU to come out.

These same people told me, I could move the car. Then come on in. I told them, "I'm not leaving her".

We RAN. and by running, I mean the nurses, the paramedics, myself and the person pushing your mom - RAN to the emergency entrance in the POURING rain. They are hollering "Call OB - let them know we are on our way up" "Call Peds too".

I had picked up my flip flops on the way back in. (I really wonder what made me think to do that). We are then still RUNNING (this was no jog) to the elevators to get us to the second floor.

At some point, someone told me I needed to put my shoes on. I know we were on the delivery floor. I told them I couldn't run in my flip flops. They said they understood, but I had to put them on now.

Your mom was so brave. She did great. And in less than 30 minutes from the time we made it into the room, you came out of the belly.

All 8 pounds 10 ounces of you. They let me cut your umbilical cord. You were such a soft baby, with really long fingernails. Looking like your daddy, but with your momma's eyes.

We texted your dad. Your grandparents. A bunch of other people who love you too.

No one could believe how fast you came out! ON your due date. I told the nurse, "And that's the last time this boy will ever be on time. He's a Darter."

I went to your house, to send your dad to the hospital and stay with your sister.

If you really want to know something about me - I LOVE adventures. I LOVE that I was able to have this adventure with you. May we have many more adventures together.

Thank you for sharing your BIRTHday with me.

Love you always,


P.S. Remind me to warn you the dangers of applying for jobs. They told me this was going to be part-time. You never know what you might get yourself into.


  1. Welcome to the world, Mr. Timothy!

  2. Timothy, your family is good at telling stories for sure :) I hope you will too and once you will reply for this letter.