Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Mind the Gap

When you ride "The Underground" (subway) in London, one of the recordings tells you "Mind the Gap". Meaning, watch your step as you board the train. There is a bit of a "gap" between the station and the train.

Or I guess, vice versa, a "gap" between the train and station.

Duncan is thinking of taking a "Gap" year next year. In today's American terminology, taking a year from studies/school between high school and college.

He wants to play Junior hockey one more year to see if he can get picked up by a big school or a semi/pro hockey team.

I'm not sure how I feel about this.

Although, most people I know didn't know what they wanted to do when they were 18. Why should Duncan?

And really, it doesn't really matter what I feel about this. Don't get me wrong. I can have my feelings. I can express my feelings, but it is his life.

It's at this point of parenthood, I go from being a "manager" to a consultant. He has to start making choices that HE thinks are best for HIS life.

But with freedom, also comes responsibility. There are rents, hockey, insurance, gasoline, food, etc. These come with decisions.

It sounds exciting to me for him. Not the choices I would make for him, but that's not up to me. It's up to him.

My only words of advice to him?  "Mind the Gap"

Thursday, January 21, 2016

At the Copa

At the Copa. Copacabana. Music and passion was all they were after at the Copa...... They fell in love.

I remember these lines SO well from my childhood. A Barry Manilow song. (BTW, who the hell is Barry Manilow?)

The boys and I are going to Rio in August. We are going to the Olympics.

I'm not quite sure how we are going to pay for this. I'm not quite sure how we are going to do and see the things I want to do.

Although, I know it's all going to work out okay.

I have our airfare booked. I'm working on our house swap.

We want to stay in Copacabana.

I looked up the song I thought I knew for the last 40 years. The words to the verse. The melody. 

For the most part. I was right. 

Only, I didn't remember the line "they lost their love". I remember, 

At the Copa. Copacabana. They fell in love

We are going to Copa.

We are staying at the beach.

I'm planning on falling in love.....

With a country, a person, or my life.... After all, we are at the Copa.....


Wednesday, January 20, 2016

You Should Go Too

No, we didn't find the girl we sent off to the Broncos game.

Although I could. I am a headhunter - I know enough information about her. I could track her down. We decided that might be a little "stalkerish". As much as I would love to know the ending of that story - we know our ending. Maybe one day, we will know hers.

What I did decide though?

I'm not good at "repeating". I said this year was going to be repeat of things. And it is. Several things I've done before, I going to do again. But, it won't be the same. I'm different now. The places are different too.

Yes. There will still be lots of planes. Trains. Automobiles. Bikes. Olympic Stadiums. Running Shoes. Sleepless nights. Hellos and Good-byes. Old things and new.

But the theme?

You Should Go
This year is a fleeting moment. My sons have gained their wings and will be flying on to the next stage of their lives.  (And should go on). Our puppy is learning to grow his wings. When we wrap up the year, his wings should be pretty well developed.

SO. This YEAR? We are going to go. I am going to go. They are going to go. We aren't going to "get ready to go". We are just going.

You should go too.......

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

You Should Go

As much as I watch hockey - and go to plenty of hockey games. I do, truly, love football. Now I don't love all football games or all football teams, but I do live in a town where football is a passion.

Not to mention, I did spend my childhood in Dallas, TX. I did attend and graduate from Texas A&M. Both communities where football is a passion.

Last year, in national sports news, it was mentioned that the Denver Broncos had replaced the Dallas Cowboys as "America's team". Truly, it has been incredible living here during the "Elway/Manning era." And we can't forget, this was also part of the "Tebow era".

Hall of Fame records.
Embarrassing SuperBowl loss (as in, let's pretend this didn't happen).
Remarkable moments - both on the field, in the stands, in Denver with the players or with the fans.

It's been a fairy tale for us football lovers.

On Sunday, I'm at the Cricket with my pilot friend. The Cricket is the last "hold out" in Cherry Creek. Cherry Creek is the high end "shopping district" in Denver. Hermes, Nordstrom, Vutton - just to name a few stores. High end restaurants and million dollar condos.

Then there is the Cricket. A burger dive bar. Their tag line is now "The Black Sheep of Cherry Creek.". When restaurants still allowed smoking, I swear this bar piped the smoke in. It still smells of stale beer and cigarette smoke.

We are sitting at the bar, watching the other NFL play-off game. There is a girl sitting on the other side of the pilot. Mid twenties. Having a beer and had just finished lunch. She was alone.

She tells us a bit about herself. She was in Denver for the weekend. She was supposed to be going to dinner with some guy later tonight, but he was up skiing. She never really told us why she was here for the weekend. Or as I wondered, why she wasn't up with him skiing. Or just in the mountains.

She then told us she was thinking of going to the game. She had looked online and she could get a ticket for $100. We talked about the weather. We told her it was a nice day, and she was dressed fine.

We then told her - you should really go to the game.

She says, "Maybe if I have a couple more beers, I'll get the courage to go."

I say, "Have you ever been to a playoff game? Have you ever been to a Broncos game?"

The answer to both those questions was no.

She had her phone out - we were looking at the seating chart. The pilot says, "As long as you are on the East side of the stadium, you will be fine. It's facing West. You will be in the sun."

We all chat a bit longer.

I finally say, "You need to go and go to this game.The pre-game is fantastic. The para-jumpers. The American Flag, The military flyover." "For no other reason than to say "I went". Plus, it will probably be one of Peyton Manning's last few games." The end of an era.

She paid her bill.

The pilot ordered her an Uber. We sent her on her way to the game.

Our only regret? We wish we had gotten her number - so she could tell us if she enjoyed the game.

That's okay, maybe one day, I'll hear the story again from someone who "met this girl at a Bronco game because the couple at the bar told her she should go."

Monday, January 11, 2016

A different kind of cute

Today, we went and met Fargo.

Fargo is a CCI puppy. He's blonde. Half lab. Half golden. The same as Brodie - only he's blonde not black.

He's the new CCI puppy of my friend whom got me into this cult.

He's cute. He's fluffy. Fargo will be with my friend for the next 18 months. Turning in after us.

The boys went over too. They went to meet Scooter. The "COC" (Change of Career) CCI puppy. CCI calls the dogs who don't make it "Change of Career". They don't fail, they are just picking a new career.

Fargo is cute.

He's fluffy.

He has a black spot on his back paw. He loved playing with Ambrose/Brodie.

He's really cute.

Not near as cute as our puppy though......

Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Pilot came to town

Talk about Deja-Vu.

My 2015 ended almost exactly like 2014 ended.

In an erie kind of way.

I wrapped up 2014 with hecticness. Then a slow start to the year.

This year, a week later than last year, I get a text from 'my pilot friend'. It's a Sunday night. I'm out with girlfriends to watch the Broncos game. This year though we thought we'd try a different bar. We weren't at the Cricket.

The Cricket is a very special bar to me. It's a complete dive bar in the middle of one of the "Ritzie" part of town. It's authentic. (On a side note, I hate when people are not authentic. People whom tell you they are real. People whom tell you what is important in their lives, then act completely different.) I've discovered in life, most people are not authentic. They do what society and/or other people tell them how to behave.

But the authentic people I've met? They are and always will be the best. The funny thing is, I've met a good group of people in my life at the Cricket.

Sorry for the side tangent.

I pulled up in front of the Cricket. Thinking we should really go there. Long story short, the pilot whom I met last year the Cricket, texted me saying he was at the Cricket. I told him we were a few blocks away.

He's in town until the end of January this time.

I had friends in town for 10 days - last year, we went to those friends house for 10 days. We are having the same break, just different.

My clothes don't fit.

It's cold.

I'm dreaming of a beach far away.

Before it can be your favorite place, it was a place you had never been before.

Big goals this year.

Big dreams.

Rio here we come.......