Friday, November 21, 2014

The Banker and The Fisherman

I was at a business event on Thursday night. I don't attend these types of events on a regular basis - I used to. A friend of mine runs this event, so I went to help out.

Basically, it's a cocktail party - with corporate sponsors held at a bank (A very special bank - this one is called Young Americans Bank. It's geared for everyone under the age of 21. They have summer camps and educational programs through the schools. A program like no other in the US).

Side note:  As much as I love the bank, I have to smile when I think of some kid saying they went to summer camp at bank. :-)

You mingle with business owners, sales people, other community service organizations. A wide variety of people. These can be boring, but it's also a good time to meet new people. There was also a silent auction going on. Great gifts.

I was talking to one of the guys at the event. Talking about business. Talking about business. Of course we get to the point in the conversation when they ask where my office is. I reply, I work from home. Many people work from home these days.

With technology what is, it makes sense.

Then, of course, we get to my families summers in Hawaii. It's funny, the first people usually comment on is the time difference. I then explain, it's worth it to get up at 4 in the morning to work. My work day is over by 11am.  Ah, then they see the light. We talk a bit more about work schedules, etc.

I happen to make the comment, "I may have to work longer in years, but I will have enjoyed my years more".

This man, I'll call Bob, smiles and says to me, "Do you know about the fisherman and the banker?"

"No, please tell"

This banker was on vacation and paid a commercial fisherman to take him out deep sea fishing for the day. They spend about 6 hours on the boat. Come home with fish. The banker pays him and they go to part ways. The banker says to the fisherman, "Wow. What a great day." "You know, we could really turn this into a great operation.  We could hire some people, buy a couple more boats, re-do the marina." "Work really hard and you could retire in ten years."
The fisherman smiled at the banker and replied, "Yes, and what would I do when I retire?"  The banker says, "Oh, I guess you would be doing this......."

Some of us understand that sooner than others.


Wednesday, November 19, 2014


The virus is gone from the computer.

From what I can tell, the virus is gone from this website.

Nothing really disappeared. As usual. Things don't usually disappear, they just go into hiding until you need them again.

Then they reappear when you need them. When you least expect them.

Its all just been rearranged. Much like life.

You think life is going to go a certain way. Then it gets rearranged.

You end up getting what you want in life, not just when you want it. I'm a HUGE believer in the fact that life works out the way it is supposed to work out.

Just not always in the time frame we think it should.

Apparently, this blog site thought it should shuffle some blogs around. They were here the whole time.

As usual. As most things are. We just weren't paying attention when things were shuffled.......

My mom friends

Not my mom's friends but MY mom friends.

These are the group of people

Monday, November 17, 2014

Technical Difficultities

Two weeks ago my computer got a virus.  It took many hours to get rid of it - but it was gone.

Now, there is something wrong with site - so this is test to see if it will stay up there. I had some old posts and "re-posted" them, but they keep not posting. Then posting. Then disappearing again only to re-post the next day.

Not sure what is going on.  I was actually writing again..... UGH

Trying to get this sorted out - so if you see this, then you don't, then you do.  It's not just you.  Maybe it's just me.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Two spaces

I recently learned, you are only supposed to have one space at the end of a sentence, after the period. In fact, it "dates" you - as in, it makes you look old if you have two spaces after the period.

I learned this a few months ago. I keep trying to only "hit the space bar once" after the sentence ends, but it is hard! I was also told, it is no longer a "period", but a dot.

The reason was years ago it had to do with typesetting. Before we all had typewriters, everything was "set". The only way it looked good in print and to publish was to provide two spaces at the end of a sentence for formatting.

It looks funny to me, but old habits are hard to break. I don't know it any another way. Also, I just automatically do it. (I think I've had to backspace at least 10 times already in this one story).

It's like there is something missing when I just hit the space bar once!  The space bar needs more loving. I've been working on it. I'll keep working on it. Us old dogs, can learn new tricks.

BUT, the REAL reason I have to confess - I finally figured out the format to the book I need to write. AND, for that, I really should use modern formats. For a few years now, I've gone back and forth on what to write. How to write. The subject of the matter. I've figured it out.

Go to what you know best. That is what they tell us. (Whomever "THEY" might be). What do I know?

THEY say, tell someone you have a deadline.  Mine's October first.

I know how to swap a house. I also know to only put one space at the end of a sentence. Sometimes though, you need two places........

Friday, November 14, 2014

It was so cold....

How cold was it?

  • Roosters wished they were fertilizing more eggs
  • Hitch hickers were holding pictures of thumbs
  • You were thankful for hot flashes
  • People are starting to worry about the phrase "when hell freezes over"
  • Hip hopers have pulled their pants up
  • My dentures were chattering in the glass
  • The Democrats and Republicans were getting along
  • The polar bears at the zoo decided to stay inside
  • The frozen food needs to stay in the freezer to thaw
  • It's balmy warm at 30 degrees
  • Even I wanted to drink coffee
  • Hockey was cancelled

Now you know, it must have been cold.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

History in the making

Two weeks ago, I attended a focus group. This focus group was about banking for small business owners. At the beginning of the group, they have you go around the table and introduce yourself. Talk about your business, how long you've been doing this and what you like and dislike about banking.

Yes, I know, this sounds very exciting. Ha!

Banking - not so fascinating. The 7 other people at the table - very fascinating. All small business owners. All about the same age. (We did find out there had been another focus group of younger entrepreneurs at a different time).

My introduction started like this:  "Hi! My name is Leasa and I have a start-up addiction problem".

Everyone smiled. We were there for two hours discussing different ideas. Likes/Dislikes about how we pay our bills. How we receive our payments.

It was actually a very intellectual, though provoking discussion. It also paid really well.

Truthfully, I haven't really had the "start-up itch" in quite a while. I got burned by one. Nearly died of boredom at the last one. Needed a break.

"Went back to the boyfriend whom has always loved me" - recruiting. The true main stay in my career. Yes, he still bores me to death too, but he allows me my freedom. I know how to do it. And, I make money. Sometimes.

I've been recruiting. I've been writing - trying to get that pesky book actually done.

The "start-up itch" actually hasn't even been itching. Perusing Craigslist for start-up opportunities has even died off. I've been quite happy at home.

Well, then, we know what happens next. Something happens next anyway. An inquiry is sent to a company. An e-mail is followed up on.


Not this time.

This start-up is actually going to be my favorite. Yes, I know, I say that about all of them. While I truly do love all of them. This one, I'm going to make my mark.

I'm not going to make any money. Not that I've made a ton of money on my other start-ups. (By the way, I am still waiting for my million dollar home run - that one will come, it's just not this one).

My sons attend East High School. A Denver Public School. They both play hockey. They have played club hockey for years.

This year, for the first time EVER in the history of Denver Public Schools, East High School has a hockey team.

Try-outs are tonight. 35 kids showed up. (The way sports work in Colorado schools - if they don't offer that sport at your school, you can play on another schools team).  Many of these kids have been playing "club" level or at private schools. They can put 30 kids on the team.

The dad whom has been instrumental in getting the team to DPS (Denver Public Schools) - his son is a senior. The son plays goalie. Only, the son is done. He doesn't want to play anymore. The dad was set to be the team manager.

I'm actually really proud of the dad for not making his son play. I'm also SUPER proud of the kid for saying "I'm done". That 's a huge lesson in life.

Which brings us to me. The other dad called me. Well, actually, he e-mailed the boys dad - whom said he couldn't do it, do I want to do this?

I will have two kids on the same team for the first time ever. There has never been a team manager. There has never been a "Booster Club".  There has never been an "East High School Hockey Team". In fact, there has never been a Denver high school hockey team.

Someone has to be in charge.

This start-up might not make me rich, but it will help me make history. In more ways than one.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014


First, the world tells us - without a plan, you have no hope. "An idea without a plan, is just a dream".  You better have a plan.

Then the world tells us: it's okay if everything doesn't go according to plan, you might end up in a better place.


Which is it? Am I supposed to plan? (as I really I am a planner) Or plan, then not really care if I get the end results?

Once again, which is it?

I could list a million quotes:

Something about the only failure is the failure to plan. Am I planning to succeed or am I planning to not care if my plans go off the deep end.

Society tells us to plan our lives. Then they tell us to live your own path. Fight the fight.

Be different. Be the same.

Vote my way.

Once again: Yes, plan. Plan for emergencies.

Plan for vacations.

Plan for vacations that count as emergencies.

Plan to get your heart broke


for failures



for staying at home

to live without the one whom woke you up in life

to be bored

to be sad

to be happy

for some of these things to happen all in one weekend. Or maybe one day.

The highs.

The lows.

To give up

Or not.

Don't ever let anyone else tell you whom you are going to be. Or your life is going to turn out a certain way.

Plan to find yourself.

Just remember, whom you've been all along.

The road to hell is led with good intentions.

Just remember who you've been all along.