Thursday, February 25, 2016


noun: colloquialism; plural noun: colloquialisms
  1. a word or phrase that is not formal or literary, typically one used in ordinary or familiar conversation.
    • the use of ordinary or familiar words or phrases.

Colloquialisms. "local phrases or dialect". If you aren't from the region, country, etc, you might not realize things you say. Other people don't know what they mean.

In Cincinnati, people say "Please". "Please" does mean, "yes" - like it does in the rest of the US, but it also means, "Huh?". Or I didn't hear what you just said, will you PLEASE repeat it. Only, they just say please.

The Southern United States is also famous for many phrases the rest of the country doesn't use. "Go put your books up. " Meaning "Go put your books away" to the rest of the USA.

I moved from Texas to Colorado in 1992. I've now lived longer here than I did there. People often comment that I don't have an accent. I usually reply "I left my accent, my hot rollers and I got the hell out of there." People usually smile.

If I've been in Texas for a bit, I can come back with my accent. I hear how other people talk and assimilate to the culture.

I notice when I wrote the Dear Timothy blog, I used the word "hollering". I didn't even notice I had used the word until I was back in Colorado proofing the blog. I have no idea when the last time I even SAID hollering much less wrote the word down. I normally would have used the word "yelling".

The family I went to help out is a very Southern Family. It's no wonder I came back with the colloquialisms I used in Texas. 

I remember just after college, I had applied for a position. The hiring manager asked me what kind of reference my previous employer would give me. (You know, that part-time babysitter position I held). My first response:

"Oh, he thinks I hung the moon".

Huh? I remember the man looking at me like I had two heads. I was no longer in Texas.

Since I've been back from Texas, I've actually said. "They think I parted the sea"; "Over yonder"

I don't think I've said those things for years.

But the BEST one yet?

When I called the grandparents to tell them the story of Timothy's arrival into the world? The Papa replied,  "well, darling, you earned your spurs this morning."

The Colorado girl in me wasn't sure what it really meant, but the girl born in Texas? She knew it was a compliment in the highest regard.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Dear Timothy

Dear Timothy,

By the time you are old enough to read this letter, you will already know this story by heart. (Your family is really good at telling stories).

I should start with the back story (which no doubt you already know too).

Once upon a time, I was in college. Your Papa, your Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Travis and I all lived in this same college town.

Your Papa needed some help. I answered an ad in the newspaper (ask one of us old people what a newspaper was) for a part-time baby-sitter. 5 days a week Monday - Friday. 3:30 - 6:30.  Your dad wasn't even a glimmer in the eye yet.

Long story short - I got the job. Your Granny moved to town. Your dad was born the next year. I was at the hospital the morning your dad was born.

Fast forward: 28 years later. Yes, TWENTY EIGHT years later. I was no longer "the girl who answered the ad, we were all family" Most people know me as your Papa's little sister.

It's 1:30am on February 23 and I'm with you parents and sister in Fort Hood, Texas.

I had been there for a week. We had done EVERYTHING we could to get you to come out of the belly. You weren't having any of it. I was all set to leave on the afternoon of the 22nd, but changed my plane to stay one more day. Your Grammi and Pappi were due to arrive on the 23rd at noon. I wasn't about to leave your parents and your sister without any extra help.

At 1:30am your daddy is banging on my door. Telling me your mom's water had broke. Your dad informs me, I'm going to the hospital as last time - even though her water had broke with your sister, it was still hours and hours.

I yelled at your dad to get out of my room because I was naked and need to finish putting on my clothes. He didn't want to see me naked so he got out of the room.

We all somehow managed to put clothes on. I even brushed my teeth.

He got your mom in the car. I got in the drivers seat. I told your parents "you two get in the backseat". You dad looks at me and he said, "No, you two are going. I'm staying with the baby. I'll take "second shift".

Truly, in my gut of gut, I knew at that moment, it was your mom and I bringing you into the world.

It was pitch black. POURING down rain. Thunder. Lightning. I don't see well at night - at least I remembered to grab my glasses.

We run 4 red lights. 3 stops signs. Couldn't find the hazard lights to save our life.

We get to the hospital and can't find the emergency entrance. I'm on the phone with 911 trying to get directions. We finally see it, but there is no way to pull the car to the entrance.

I park close. Get out of car and RUN to the ambulance entrance. In the meantime, I was in flip flops - I left them (of course I did) to run to the door.

I'm BANGING on the ambulance entrance and ringing the bell. In what seemed like an eternity, someone saw me.

"My niece is in labor. Her water broke. Her contractions are two minutes apart."

4 people, one person with a wheelchair RAN to the car with me. They literally examined your mom in the front seat of the car - just to make sure we weren't delivering this baby already.

Nurse/midwife says "Your at 10 cm" - which means it was time for YOU to come out.

These same people told me, I could move the car. Then come on in. I told them, "I'm not leaving her".

We RAN. and by running, I mean the nurses, the paramedics, myself and the person pushing your mom - RAN to the emergency entrance in the POURING rain. They are hollering "Call OB - let them know we are on our way up" "Call Peds too".

I had picked up my flip flops on the way back in. (I really wonder what made me think to do that). We are then still RUNNING (this was no jog) to the elevators to get us to the second floor.

At some point, someone told me I needed to put my shoes on. I know we were on the delivery floor. I told them I couldn't run in my flip flops. They said they understood, but I had to put them on now.

Your mom was so brave. She did great. And in less than 30 minutes from the time we made it into the room, you came out of the belly.

All 8 pounds 10 ounces of you. They let me cut your umbilical cord. You were such a soft baby, with really long fingernails. Looking like your daddy, but with your momma's eyes.

We texted your dad. Your grandparents. A bunch of other people who love you too.

No one could believe how fast you came out! ON your due date. I told the nurse, "And that's the last time this boy will ever be on time. He's a Darter."

I went to your house, to send your dad to the hospital and stay with your sister.

If you really want to know something about me - I LOVE adventures. I LOVE that I was able to have this adventure with you. May we have many more adventures together.

Thank you for sharing your BIRTHday with me.

Love you always,


P.S. Remind me to warn you the dangers of applying for jobs. They told me this was going to be part-time. You never know what you might get yourself into.

Monday, February 22, 2016

Sounds like you

Working from home has it's set of advantageous.

For years, I couldn't have imagined working at home. Now, I can't imagine working in an office. Well, at times I have gone into offices, but I'm too far gone now.

Perceptions of us work at home people:

  • We do our laundry during "work hours"
  • We don't really work
  • We wear workout clothes all the time
  • It's loud and there are tons of distractions

Some of the above are true.

When I first started working at home, I would always work in my office - with the door shut. The boys were younger and knew when they could/couldn't come into the office. My workday ended when the boys got home from school.

As I have "transmorphed" into my full fledged work at home person?

All of the "rules" I used to have and abide by - they are gone.

I still get all my work done, but I workout in the middle of the day. I've been known to get all the ingredients ready for dinner in the middle of the afternoon. Or throw some laundry in the wash. Or take a nap. Or work at the dining room table - or a friends dining room table in Hawaii - or on and on and on......

I was in the middle of Texas this whole last week waiting for a new baby to arrive. I've been working here. Only there is the dryer buzzing. The doorbell ringing. The dog barking and the baby crying. At any given moment.

I joke, I was on the road to freedom. Now I have a 1 year old and a puppy. That doesn't sound like me.......

I'll be back to that other life again soon.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Love and all that stuff

February CRAWLS.

As in, I look at the calendar EVERY DAY and think "it's not over yet?"

This February I refuse to succumb to the month. I did the same thing last February. Only it TRULY takes a conscience effort to plan each day. To know that it's grey and cold and it's only one month out of the year.

A girlfriend came to visit this weekend - her husband and sons went to the mountains to ski. We had a girls weekend.

The weather was BEAUTIFUL - as in: not a cloud in the ski. Highs lower 60's. This is our March weather. We had the top off the convertible.

A picture perfect weekend.

It's Valentine's Day. It's her husbands birthday. The sign of maturity - knowing that you can celebrate your love. Your birthday. Any freaking holiday. Anytime you want....

You don't just need a day.

I received a text from Peter Pan at 3:15 this morning wishing me Happy Valentine's Day.

Life doesn't always look like the movies. Sometimes you just have to make it work for you.

One day, whether you are 14, 28 or 65
you will stumble upon somoene who will start a fire in you that cannot die.
However, the saddest, most awful truth you will ever come to find ----
is they are not always with who we spend our lives. 
Our should I say

Not whom we spend our lives with Hollywood Style

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Never a Finer Moment

We won the Super Bowl.

Wait, let me re-phrase: The Denver Broncos won the Super Bowl. Of course we did.

I knew we were getting our fairy tale ending. It was our turn.

Kind of a boring game. But some great moments. I guess that's really life. It can't all be "Hollywood moments" - you have to have "day to day life" mixed in there too. I guess that goes back to the movies I like to watch. Independent Films, with moments of Hollywood.

The Broncos players looked old. Our Defense? Looked like we had been written in a Hollywood script.

Of course, I'm a bit partial. The MVP for the Super Bowl went to Texas A&M. So did our coach.

For those non-football fans - we weren't expected to win. We were the underdog. We looked old. Our coaching staff looks old. Our players look old. We look like "The Independent Film that has all those actors you have know for years - cameo, after cameo appearance."

North Carolina looks young and shiny and agile. - All Hollywood and Botox.

To quote the latest saying: "Then the sheriff came to town."

We won.

The other team did not stand up and "take it". They were actually "sore losers".

The "Super Bowl Celebration" was on Tuesday. I had never been to a "Sports Championship Celebration".

There are concerts. There is a parade. There are speeches. They put the players on fire engines. Including the coaches, the support staff and "THE TROPHY" They parade through town.

I wrote the boys notes to miss school. The first and only time I've ever wished my children were about 12. They would have wanted to go with me.

I get to the "light rail" (our train system) at 9:30am to ride the train downtown. I nearly couldn't find a parking spot. The train was packed.

The woman next to me had never even been on the light rail. But, she knew she needed to go.

A friend of mine lives downtown. Right on the parade route. We will go watch from the balcony. Come with me.

NEVER have I been SO proud to be from Denver.

I know, I know. I've complained for several years about having to come back here. BUT, I've also always said, I do love this town.

And, today, being a part of it all. The fans. The city and public transportation. Of course, our perfect weather. (There wasn't a cloud in the sky and it was 50 degrees) (mind you, it's February (winter) in Denver).

It wasn't something words can even describe.

"They" (whomever "they" are) say there were a MILLION people attending (from 10 - 3).

A MILLION people. Young people. Old people.

Not one riot. Not one embarrassing moment for the city. For the state.

People were polite. It was crowded. People were nice.

I've never experienced a finer moment.

This is the moment you want, when you tell someone, "Go make me proud."

Well done Denver.

Maybe maturity isn't such a bad thing.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Monday Morning

It's a big weekend in Denver. The Broncos are playing in the Super Bowl. This town is Orange and Blue. There are flags flying. Buildings lit up. Everyone has their Broncos colors on. It's awesome.

Elway's restaurant is closing Sunday at 3 so the staff can enjoy the game. My club is closing at 3 also. Everything in town - I'm talking sports bars, restaurants, shops are closing at 3pm on Sunday.

Super Bowl weekend!!! The biggest bar night of the year. Denver is closed.

We are all a little nervous. The last time we went to the Super Bowl we completely embarrassed ourselves.

Not this time though.

We all know this is it. We are going to get our fairy tale ending.

Peyton Manning is going to retire after this game.

Our stadium is named "Sports Authority Field" - we all call it Mile High Stadium. We used to be a "stadium" now we are a "field. We've grown up. We are a real city now.

Sports Authority is filing for bankruptcy on Monday.

Pat Bowlen - the owner of the Broncos. They told us last year he has Alzheimer's. His estate owns the team. There are changes ahead.

This is it.

This is our glory ride. Our lifetime movie.

Win or Lose on Sunday, Monday is a whole new world. The beginning of a new era.

We've got this.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

We'd already be done

Start. Right now. Whatever it is.



  • writing
  • walking
  • your homework
  • grad school
  • losing weight
  • traveling
  • finding yourself
  • believing in yourself
  • getting rid of bad habits.
Start. Right Now!

This puppy does NOT like to have his nails trimmed. Every single time I try, I tell him the same thing:

If you would quit fighting me, we'd already be done

I remember my mom telling me this.

I remember telling the kids this on a regular basis.

If you would just quit arguing about NOT wanting to do something - you would already be done. It's taken you longer to argue with me.

What happens if you don't start right this very second?

In six months, you will still be ________________ the opposite of everything on your list. If you DON"T go to grad school at 60, in 5 years, you will STILL BE 65. Only you won't have accomplished what you wanted to accomplish.

But, if you start right now. Right this very second?

We'd already be done.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

They Should Have Sent Me Two

Our puppy is growing by leaps and bounds.

He is a bit over 5 months old. Getting bigger every day. He knows all his "commands" that he is supposed to know for all puppies up to 6 months old.

Of course, like any "child" there are things he doesn't like.

He doesn't like to have his nails trimmed. (He's going to have to go get a mani/pedi soon - we are going to leave this to the professionals. After all, I do, why shouldn't he?) Really, I think we are the ones with the problem. We are so scared of cutting them to short (down to the "quick"). I did cut one too short once. He didn't like it, but it wasn't too bad. It just bled.......

He is a barker. He barks when he has to go out. He barks when he wants attention. If you tell him, "Quiet" when he barks. He barks back. He thinks it is a game. He will "speak" on command. He just won't "be Quiet" on command. We are working on that.

Yesterday we had a snow day. A foot of snow. He LOVES the snow. I like to think he thinks it's the water. He romps and jumps. Runs laps. He even throws his own toy for himself to fetch.

He just would not tire. He kept wanting to play.

There are several days when he is stuck with me. Just being boring. Not going on outings. Not leaving the house.

These are the days he hates the most. It took me a long time to get use to days of not leaving the house. Even though I work at home, I make sure I get out everyday. A walk. The club to workout. The 7-11. SOMEPLACE other than my house.

Even yesterday, on our snow day, I had to go for a walk. I get it, I get a little  LOT stir crazy.

As he was barking at me to play with him. My first thought, "They Should Have Sent Me Two".

If I had two of them, they could play together. THEY wouldn't drive me as nuts. HE wouldn't want all my attention all the time.

My children are only 17 months apart. My sister has twins. Children & puppies should come as a pair. They can entertain themselves!

When I told a friend of mine this statement, she said, "Did you want another so you keep one?"

"No, oh no, my dear." It was all about trying to make my life "easier".

She smiled at me and said, "You better be careful for what you wish."

Then the moment passed....