Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Damn you Kona

Right at that moment. You know the place between sleeping and awake.

Not quite awake. Yet not sound asleep either.

The moment between dreaming and real life.

So close.

I was kinda ready to go back to Denver.

It was a rough year last year. I so realized what a good community I have in Denver. My "support" system. The people whom have helped "raise" me.

I miss them.

Then you send me, a friend of mine's dad - a friend (Laurel - not her dad) we have traveled all over the world together. Dad went paddling with me. Twice. He's a widower.  He met me for the parade and fireworks. (I left him sitting next to a friend of mine from paddle club - she's a widow).

I went to volunteer at the kids race (canoe club earned money for us volunteering), just before the parade.

Then all the boys and girls are at Humpy's - they were awesome. We all sat and had pizza. After the fireworks.

All of us. Lily's dad, his girlfriend, his cousin, all the kids. One of the kids parents arrived last night too.

My friends dad said several times "This is a place you could get used to."

Oh, you have no idea......

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