Wednesday, January 18, 2017


The love/hate battle about eyes began as early as I can remember.
You're eyes are SO blueI 
You're eyes are so big
You have BUG eyes
Do your eyelashes hit your eyeball when you talk
Your eyes are bigger than your face

I never even knew what I had:

Stunning Blue Eyes

Yes, the eyes that blink at you and you don't ask anymore questions, because, those eyes are looking into your soul.
My eyes have never been good for vision. I joke, my best accesory ever. Or the other thing I say: They are only good for decoration.

2000 I had the eye surgery that repared the degentrative eyes I was given. That's okay - many people I love have eye problems, I'm one of them.

They warned me about this

My close up vision would begin to slip. BUT, when it happens, your far away vision will become closer.

I'm not sure if it's the diet. The life. The vision to see thing better, BUT

At dusk, then later in the evening - I can now suddenly see things. Things I've had trouble seeing for years.

My vision has changed

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