Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Prom Night Stress

Senior prom for East High School was last week.

It it a day the almost/half-way grown "kids" play grown up.

  • Tuxedos
  • Formal gowns
  • Pictures
  • Pre-Prom Pictures
  • Limos
  • Party Buses
  • Groups of friends all going out to have dinner/dance/party
Not sure if this is strictly an American custom, but at East High, the "young adults" all meet at this beautiful park to take pictures. All the parents are there. 

Of course, these are generalizations. I'm sure some kid is sitting at home. Didn't want to go. Wasn't invited. To nervous to ask someone. Not part of any "group". Easier to sit home alone. Or not go and go do other things.

As I was walking away from pre-prom pictures. In the middle of a city park. In the middle of Denver. A guy stopped me.

German accent asking me what was going on.

I explained. 

He had no idea how to relate. I guess. Or maybe there was a longing in his eyes of a different time.

Then some parents of other prom attendees went to dinner. We then went to the "after-prom" while the kids were at the real prom.

The school is transformed into a magical place.

About a week before prom, at a hockey game, Nolan's date was there. I asked her if she was "ready for prom".

The reply:

I'm really stressed. I hope I can get it all done.

All I could do was smile.

Oh, how I would love to be stressed about prom.

A day or so after prom, I was talking to the mom down the street whom 14-year old son was killed last summer.

I was telling her the story of the "prom stress" and how I "would love to be stressed about prom".

We all have different stresses.

She goes on to tell me.

It's always prom day to someone.

It took me a minute.

My stresses can be complex, but they are nothing compared to hers.

Hers are nothing (as she told me), are nothing compared to another neighbor whom has a mentally and physically disabled child. The child is now 26 and still wears a diaper. Yet, her neighbor is the most positive person she knows.

And yet those are "nothing" (if we are going to compare) to someone in Africa whom lives in a mud hut and doesn't have running water.

It will always be prom night to someone - from someones perspective.

SO, may I wish each and everyone of you - Prom Night Stress.


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