Thursday, June 1, 2017


Today, Thursday, June 1, 2017, I was on a conference call.

A conference call with a client "hiring manager". The roles have been very difficult to fill. In over a year, this group has not hired one person.

In the last two months, we've hired two people.

The team is finally in our groove. Making things happen.

We have 6 new positions opening up, for different departments, but the same person is going to be in charge.


I thought we were almost there.  A "reprieve" so to speak.

The hiring manager says to me today, "Arrange a call for us to speak next week to discuss the requirements of the new positions."

Last week my youngest son graduated from high school. I hosted a party at my house. Tons of out of town company. A way over scheduled - and committed to things I couldn't keep, couple of weeks.

The house is almost ready to go for the summer. I'm running out of daylight. A phrase I have loved for years.

In corporate America, you can look and see when someone has things blocked out on their schedule. You know what works with yours, and if they are blocked out or have time available.

It sounds pretty complex, but does make life much easier. Let me look at your calendar.

SO, I look......

Well, he has some time on Mon & Tues, but I'm in California those days and I'm not quite sure what we will be doing yet. I want to work, but make sure it's early so we have the day free.

I can't do Wednesday as I'm traveling that day.

Thursday looks good - Oh, he has some time too.

BUT WAIT!!!!! I can't do Thursday morning - BECAUSE, I WILL BE AT CANOE CLUB!!

There have been many happy moments these last few weeks. As in the happiest moments in a year.

BUT, this one was my favorite.

Good thing there was some time available Thursday afternoon. No one has to know I'll have my swimsuit on......

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