Saturday, June 10, 2017

May I invite a friend?

While I am by myself here at "summer camp", sometimes other people get invites.

Nolan came a couple of years ago - I told him he could invite a friend. Evidently, I didn't say it in a manner (or enough times) for him to realize he could have asked someone to come with him.

Pretty much every year, we have also met up with friends from Denver while in Kona. It's a small world, but a Big Island.

This year, a family arrives on July 4th whom their son has played hockey with the boys for years. We are all meeting for fireworks after their plane lands.

Duncan is coming this year. Lily is too. So is her cousin. Her cousin might be bringing a friend.

Duncan asks if he can bring a friend. Sure, but this place is smaller and we will have to get an airbed or a float for him to sleep on.

"Mom, would you mind if Jack comes?"

"No, that's a not a problem at all."

Great. We are all set.

Duncan and Jack here. Lily, her cousin and her friend at Lily's dad's house - not sure if the girlfriend will be there or not - as she told me years ago, she didn't really want to hang out with kids. So their house will be full and so will ours as the teenagers will want to spend lots of time together. (Good thing they are now all old enough to walk to the beach without adults).

"Hey mom, would you mind if "Butters" came too?"

"He's already coming with his family??"

"He can come in a couple days early, then meet up with them on the 4th."

That's fine. It will be tight, but we will manage.

"Mom, Max wants to come too"; "So does Dom" His parents work for United, Max and Dom can fly out for free.

"We are outta space"

"They don't care, we aren't at the place much anyway."

"What about Jack?" "Oh, he can't come now. He didn't save his money."

Okay, so what is count now? Including you? We are at 4.

The text I receive today (I'm already out here!!): Call me please.

"Okay, I promise this is the last one - can Avi come too???""

DUNCAN, there is no room. I can't afford to feed all these kids.

MOM, I have it taken care of. We will all sleep on air floats, bring sleeping bags and each kid has to have their own meal money PLUS give you $50 each to go to the grocery store for the week.

How can I say no to that?

My son planning something I actually love - the chaos of it all. Something I've been missing and will miss terribly in the fall......

I always did want to run a summer camp.

I have a feeling this summer is not going to be like the one when they were 13......

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