Monday, May 5, 2014


Years ago, I wrote a story about a woman whom worked with me.  About accepting crumbs in my life.

Now, go read the other story, then you catch up here.

People tell me I accept crumbs.  Really the problem is though, I don't like cake.  I never have.  I tried to like cake.  I tried to fit into the mold of a cake.  But what happens when you truly don't like cake?

Let me tell you what happens:

  • You spend time alone
  • You keep trying to like cake, but no matter how much cake you consume, you still don't like it.  It's a bit like beer.  You keep drinking it, but in the end, you just feel bloated.
  • You try other types of cake:   maybe you will like a different flavor of cake. 
What I do like?


Chips now come is all different flavors.  They aren't all made of corn.  They are made of beans.  Rice, Quinoa. Made of different ingredients.

Recently a friend of mine moved in with her boyfriend.  Now they are talking marriage.  Or should I say cake.  Truly?  I'm sorry for her.  As she is caught up in all hoopla about the cake.  I'm happy for her.  I'm happy for him.  

But, really, I'm sad.  Doesn't anyone else want a bowl of chips and some salsa?

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