Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Characters in the play

I figured I should give details to the characters in this play:

"My running buddy" - aka Dave. I met him 4 years ago when I needed help training for my first marathon.  He lives in Denver.  He is married with three grown kids and now four grand-daughters.  I'm blessed to have him as my friend.  He's been married for over 40 years.  One of the greatest things about our friendship.  Is well, we are friends.  It's not romantic.  We run together.  Literally.

"My sons" - the two boys I gave birth

"My kids" - the two boys I gave birth to and a daughter I picked up along the way.

"Lily's mom" aka Cristina - my daughters mom.  We are a modern family as is as much as I might love her daughter, she is her mothers daughter.  Also, we are friends now too.  (The mom is also my ex-boyfriends' ex-wife, but I would rather concentrate on the present, not the past).

Me - mother, daughter, sister, friend.

Friends - those people you meet along the way.

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