Friday, April 4, 2014

Older than our country

Westminster Abbey.  The original Anglician church.  The place where Princess Diana’s funeral was held.  The royal wedding of William and Kate. 

A short service.  We went to the 10:00am service.  It was a simple service.  A short service.  The choir did most of the work.  It was beautiful to watch and see.  A wonderful place to sit and just enjoy.

The beauty.  The history.  The church its self was over 1000 years old.  An opportunity to enjoy the  feelings of being a part of history.

We then continued to Big Ben and Parliament. Buckingham Palace to walk down the “mall” to Picadilly Circus – the theatre zone – where there happened to be a movie premiere going on.  Red Carpet and Hollywood Movie stars.  We weren’t too close, but could still see the stars.  To Trafalgar Square – where I told the kids, they will recognize this spot in MANY MANY movies they have seen.  A got a great shot of the kids in Trafalgar Square with Big Ben in the background. 

Let’s buy tour bus ticket – it includes a River Boat tour.  We then head to the River and the boat cruise down the river under the “Wibbly Wobbly bridge”  (A bridge that was opened by the Queen one morning and closed before noon by the police – it wasn't safe and would wobble). Under the London Bridge – that didn't fall down on us, but the famous Bridge with the famous song.  On to the Tower Bridge.  The very beautiful bridge.  To the tower of London.  By this time it was closed and we couldn't see where Henry VII actually beheaded his wives

To the Shakespeare Globe – where they had performed the Merchant of Venice the night before (bummed we didn't see it).  The only building still standing with a thatch roof after the Fire of London.

To the oldest Pub in London (next to the Globe) for a pint to a Greek restaurant for some incredible Greek food.

Back over a bridge to the Underground home.  A day well spent visiting buildings and facts older than our country.

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