Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Surprises are so much fun.  They are also really hard to pull off. 

On one hand, you really want it to be a surprise.  On the other, you really want to tell the person what is going on.  Argh!!!

Lily – the boys sweet sister from the island.  We had this plan for her to come with us to Europe.  She could either fly from Denver to LA – then with us or directly from LA to London.

Her dad said no.  She couldn't go without him or her mom.  So, her mom says “fine” – I’m going too.

The boys and I fly from Denver to Houston.  Houston to London.  They fly from Los Angeles to London.  They were due to land one hour after us.

When we landed in Houston, there was something wrong with the jet way, we were delayed about 20 minutes.  After running to the other gate, they literally closed the door in front of us.  You aren’t getting on the plane!!!  I was SOOO mad.  But there was another plane leaving for London in 20 minutes.   They got us booked and checked in, ordered us a cart and got us to the other plane – right across from where our last plane had landed!!! 

Nerve wracking, but we were on the plane.  There was plenty of room.  We could all breathe, watch TV, eat and sleep.

Arriving in London – it is now noon London time.  The middle of the night to our bodies.  We are dirty.  We are tired.  We can’t wait to get going.

Only Nolan doesn't know we are meeting anyone. 

We go through customs.  We get our bags.  What the heck do I now do for an hour?  Their plane had just landed, but I knew it would take them about an hour to get through customs, get their bags, etc…

Duncan knows what’s going on.  They are due to arrive at another terminal.  Easy enough “Nolan we need to go find the train – it’s at another terminal”.  We take the long way.  We take a short train to the other terminal.  We walk the wrong way – it says “arrivals”.  Nolan, “we are going the wrong way!!”

We get to the area where the passengers come out.  Okay, I figure we have about 30 minutes now.  Duncan keeps wondering off.  I keep going to refill my water bottle.  I said one of the bathrooms was out of order.  “Nolan, will you go check with that desk about the trains”.  I went and exchanged money.  I finally went to buy Underground tickets.  I am running out of options. 

“Can we GO???”  says Nolan.  “Why are we hanging out here at the AIRPORT? Let’s go”

I was running out of ideas.

Ah, here she comes.  Duncan sees her.  Nolan’s back is turned.  She grabs Nolan and gives him a HUGE hug from behind. 

Smile now.  He says “What are you doing here?” ;-) Hugs all around

We all get to the train.  We are all giggling like it was yesterday when we were all together.  

Lily’s mom says “So, Nolan, you had no idea?”  Nolan, “I was wondering why my family was acting so weird here at the airport.”

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  1. Nolan is wondering why his family is acting so weird? Not weird, dear grandson Nolan...just your family normal!