Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Boat Thieves

After the pick pocketing event - well, at least part of it - we ended up at the Police Station......

Lily's mom had chased down the guys.  One guy ran away from the police.  The other was arrested.  I had Lily and the boys.  We were told by the police that Lily's mom was headed to the police station.  Too bad the police didn't tell her mom she was okay.

All was good on our end.

Boys and I arrive at the police station.  One of the pickpocketer's was sitting on the bench in the middle of the police station.  On the other bench, three still drunk college guys were sitting.

The other guys kept offering to help us translate.  Kept offering to help us talk to the police.  One of the police officers kept telling them to be quiet.

It wasn't until after Lily's mom arrived at the police station and we were all told to sit down, that I noticed our three helpful still drunk college students were handcuffed to the bench.  The pick pocketer was also handcuffed to his bench - I guess this is what they used instead of holding cells.

They were cute.  Really cute.  They spoke French and English and were SOOO trying to help us.  We kept getting sushed!

When I realized they were handcuffed to the bench, I asked what they did.  "Oh, we took a boat and were riding up and down the Thames River."  I giggled.

How could you not?

Isn't that what drunk college students were supposed to be doing?  I wasn't sure if they stole the boat or were just driving an unlicensed boat up and down the river.  I don't promote stealing.  I am also against damaging others property.  But hey, if this was a joy-ride...... Well, I thought it was kinda funny.

The other guy says to me, "Did you just laugh?"  Yes.  He says, "you thought it was funny"  "Yes, Yes I did."  How could you not?

I mean, if they were damaging things, I would not have thought it was funny.  A joy ride?  I just shook my head.

I joke, "I fell in love in the back of a cop car".  These guys were good looking, helpful and the hangover had not set in yet.  How could you not fall in love with them?  They were like watching a movie.

Nolan and I leave the police station.  Duncan said they continued to carry on.  Everyone was annoyed with them.  Of course they were.  They were drunk college boys not quite yet regretting their decision from the night before.

Fun to watch them still think they made a not so bad decision.  Not sure I would feel this way if it was my boat.  Unless, they only wanted to borrow it.

Duncan and the rest of the group set there for a few more hours with them.  I'm sure I would have fallen out of love with the boat thieves......

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