Thursday, April 3, 2014

Tourist Time

Where do you start???  You start where you are.  You start by getting on the Underground and stopping where it tickles our fancy. 

We stop in Notting Hill – yes, like the movie.  Yes, with our suitcases in two.  It was market day.  All the shops are open with tables in the street.  It was crowded.  Beautiful weather.

By mid afternoon, we are tired, hungry and dirty.  There was a street vendor selling records – yes, records.  I asked him the “closest pub to grab some food”  “It’s right behind me”.  Huh?  There is nothing but your booth.  “No, go right here, then there is a little door, then you duck and then you will be in a pub.”  The kids called it the “Hobbit Pub”  As there was a table for the five of us – set just to the side,  just between two “hobbit” doors.  Short doors you must duck to go through.  Not just slightly, but bend over and almost crawl through. 

You must then order your food at the bar, and they will bring it to your table.  Some fish and chips for everyone.

Another underground to our hotel.  Lily and her mom go to the place they were staying.  We will meet you tomorrow at church.

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