Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Conspiracy Theory

What if we all believed the same way?  Thought the same way?  Had no original ideas?

In my opinion - it would be a VERY boring world.  The problem is, not everyone thinks it would be a boring world.  Most people think "You should think the way I think".  It's comfortable there.

That's okay too.  Some people think, I'm right.  You are wrong.  Or you might not be wrong, but my way is better.

The problem with that is, that you must accept that I am wrong, and maybe other people are right.

For instance, I remember having a conversation about the Pope.  My ex-husband thought the Pope should be willing to change his way of thinking.  Modify to modern times.  I thought, I think it's great that he doesn't. In this day and age, for someone NOT to change for everyone else I admire.  I also admire you for not sub-coming to my thoughts because of yours.

I've always had a connection to Princess Diana.

There were times when I was told I looked like her.  Of course, I had the haircut.  Many I people I know were told they looked like her.  Maybe that was why we all loved her - we all thought we looked a bit like her.

My entire last trip through Europe, I would think of her and my eyes would water.  I couldn't have a conversation about her without my eyes watering up.

Which is really ironic - as I don't watch TV, I don't read the "popular" magazines - I'm not sure of the "popular" celebrities. Even my oldest son said "I don't get your obsession with this Princess".  Of course, I was pregnant with him when she died.

Of course he wouldn't.  She was the American Princess too.  Maybe the next generation feels that way for Kate too.

But for me, it made me cry several times.

I cried at Kennigston Palace.  (her house)
My eyes water up when I see her sons together.
Or when there are pictures of her grand-son.
Or either of her boys.

All I can think, is please, can I go tell her sons how proud their mom would be?

I was standing on a bridge in London and thinking "Diana, you would be proud"

Then during the marathon, we run through many tunnels. Short ones.  Tunnels above the ground (which I'm not sure what this really means), then a LONG tunnel.  When we first start the tunnel, "Dancing Queen" by ABBA is playing.  There are strobe lights.  It made my day.

Then about half way through the tunnel - they are still playing music (all in English), but now it's hard to breathe.  There is no air.  There is no light.  I want out of this tunnel.

Finally, you can see the light, it's bit uphill.  There is still no air.  According to my watch, which stopped working - this was my best mile.  But there was light.

Upon exiting the tunnel, my family was within the next mile.  They told me my running buddy had already passed.  But they were there cheering me on.

I later realized that was the tunnel where Diana had been killed.  The memorial is just outside the tunnel.

I'm telling this story on the plane from Paris to London to the lady sitting next to me.  Wishing I had known before the story of the tunnel I started out liking.

She's says to me:  "You want to know my theory?"

"Why of course", I reply.

"Diana didn't really die in that tunnel - there are too many weird things about it".  "Prince Charles couldn't really "leave her" to marry the love of his life - the world was in love with Diana.

"Hmmm", I replied.

"I have a conspiracy theory", she says.

"Oh yes?" I say

"Prince Charles knew he couldn't really be with the one he loved.  So, Diana took "the buyout", the boys (her children) know. So they made a deal.  She died.

She's living with the love of her life on an island. Her boys still come visit.  I'm guessing she has dark hair now."

After that story, I didn't cry any more.

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