Monday, July 13, 2015


Dear Career Woman/Hockey Mom,

Mahalo for making me endure those months of work you did in order to enjoy this freedom.

Again, mahalo for getting up at 3:45 to work every morning during the week while we are out in paradise.

I honestly do appreciate everything you do.


I am sorry, I'm not going back with you.

I'm staying here.

I paddle 4 - 6 days per week.

I walk every place I go. Unless I ride my bike or take the trolley. I haven't driven a car in almost two weeks.

And you dear mom, complain in the afternoon when you get on the bike. When I take over, I don't mind at all.

We haven't had red meat since we got here. In fact, I'm not sure we've even had chicken. You set some out to thaw on Friday or wait, was that Thursday? It's still in the fridge. I'm thinking I need throw it away. The only meal I seem to make is well - wait, you make breakfast.....

The neighbor said I could borrow his car if I need it to go to the store.

The property manager's girlfriend brings me lycee's and avocado's from her trees.

I met a local.

He owns a jeep.

Today, he picked me up.

We went to church - the one on the ocean in town, the one we've been talking about going to for years now.

Then we packed food and drinks.

We went to eat at Bite Me at the Marina.

We then spent the day at my favorite beach ever.

I'm exhausted in the best possible way.

When you get up in the morning to work, I will appreciate it.

I will continue to appreciate all you do for us.

HOWEVER, I'm telling you now:

I'm not going back to the mainland with you.

I'm staying here.

Love Always,

Your Wild, Wild Child

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